Managers make impact!

Learn what different managers do and how they contribute to their organisations

What does a Product Manager do?

Katelin talks about a popular role of PM (not to be confused with Project manager!) and how she builds a roadmap and releases new product and features for customers.
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How does a Data Manager operate?

Adam is a Data Manager in a global firm. He shares insights about his role and how it helps a company achieve their strategic goals.
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Process Engineering in the Oil & Gas Industry, what's the role all about?

Aqilah went from a graduate to managing multi million projects and working with a range of stakeholders. 
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Another PM?? This time, we look at what a Portfolio Manager does

Gullieme or G unpacks his role working for a large Real Estate Investment Fund.
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Bringing happy vibes as Customer Happiness Manager

Sam works for the fastest growing UK Prop Tech company. He talks about his role at Hello Neighbour
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Continuously improving! Let's explore the world of CI

Lisa works as Continuous Improvement Manager in Social Housing going through significant reform after the Grenfell Fire
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A Key Account Manager is not what you think!

Idris works for the global firm Expedia Group and just got promoted to Global Airlines Key Account Manager
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Dive in to the world of a National Franchise Manager

Liam was promoted in his twenties to several Managerial roles eventually as a Franchise Manager. Hear his inspirational story.
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Getting excited about the role of Marketing Lead inside a start up

Haider has just joined Fettle, the fastest growing Bike Repair shop acquired by national chain Kwik Fit. Learn what his assignment is.
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What do managers do?

Managers play a huge role in creating amazing experiences for users, customers and staff.

Whether that's as a Data Manager creating insight in a hospital to save lives, or a Retail Manager helping customers with their daily essentials.


A manager is...

"Someone who takes care of a team and the work they produce, and in doing so, creates amazing experiences for the team and their customers."

Your work "product" or "task" are now your people and your customers. Not a report, or an email or meeting. Your people and your customers.

The biggest changes for managers are..

You have to learn psychology, language, and the needs of others and the company.

Before it was just you. You can control your own routine, what you do and how you work. Now you have to think about others! 

How can you get manager-ready?

It's a big shift but we've got you! 

We teach you:   
 what it means to be a manager
"preparatory skills" to prepare you for management
how to develop your own voice & confidence 

"Being a manager means making your team or colleagues feel like a part, not a "spare part". I also used to think in the here and now, as a manager you have to think 12 months down the line and improve your planning skills".
Nush Gilbert, manager marketing


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