Writing techniques for Advance HE Fellowship

Use a proven technique and leave feeling confident in writing your application narrative.
  • Expert tips

    From a Principal Fellow
  • 3 step technique

    Proven to help others
  • Sample narratives

    Hear diverse stories
  • Interactive

    Create your own narrative

Inspiring designs

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for those applying for the Fellow category of fellowship with bonus content for Senior Fellows.

However, if you are new to writing a reflective narrative, you should find the writing techniques useful for any level of fellowship. We have aimed to have broad appeal including those who teach and those who support learning in non-classroom roles. 

Course syllabus


Apply a 3-step writing technique

3 step process / how to link your practical work to an educational theory / what is a "scholarly" narrative / two sample narratives / a multiple choice test / story of how to develop senior fellow "case study themes"


Explore your own learning and teaching philosophy

How to identify your "implicit" set of beliefs guiding you and how to make them "explicit / inspiring stories from two different characters


Write your first short narrative

Using 3 simple reflective questions put what you've learnt into practice / take away a download of your ideas


Identify common mistakes in writing a narrative

Top 3 themes and the 6 most common individual dimensions of the PSF that people can fall short on
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Get one step closer to gaining recognition of your work by mastering how to write your narrative!