Managing team performance

Learn how to really help your team reach their peak potential, and have difficult but honest conversations when you need to.
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Who is it for?

This course is ideally for those who have a direct report or a small team to lead helping them succeed, identifying areas of strengths and areas for development. If you want to learn how to have difficult conversations, or how to give feedback, then this course is for you. Learn deep underlying techniques to understand your team members.
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Course syllabus 


Use 5 steps boost the performance of your team 

Understanding your direct report / how to create a "coaching relationship" / learn causes of underperformance / Metron's 6 dimensions to understand a team member


Apply feedback techniques and create a learning environment

3 feedback techniques / deeper look at the "SBI" technique / how to create a learning environment


Address poor behaviour and have difficult conversation

7 tips for really difficult conversations / case study on Jack and Sonya
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Learn techniques taken directly from senior leaders that you simply won't find anywhere else!

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