6 steps to build a project

Cut out the nonsense and learn 6 easy steps that will help you mobilise a project and a team with ease. 


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Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about how projects are created and set up. Ideally you'll be in a coordinator, lead or manager  role tasked with achieving a business goal. This course is essential if you want to learn the steps to create a project, and more importantly how to create "options" to manage the top 5 key risks likely to emerge during a project. 

The course is developed by people with experience running small as well as large scale projects - from IT transformation to turning around customer satisfaction.

Course syllabus


Explain the four phases of a project

Project life cycle from approval to closing / key stakeholders involved / and what you need to think about at each stage


Build a project using 6 key steps

Project roles e.g. sponsor, lead, team / defining business goals / project "players" / deliverables & milestones / project plan 


Track and report on the progress of a project

Build a GANTT chart to track / RAG and completion methods / 4 types of risk once project kicks off and how to manage them / use an "Executive Summary" to report on progress
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Use an industry proven and simpler process to build and start a project. Get up and running, while others are still thinking!

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