Leave a role at the right time to keep growing

Mar 26 / Ruchi Ahluwalia
“I love what I am doing. THIS is where I ALWAYS wanted to be, and WHO I want to be!”

This is a default mindset that we all experience while growing professionally, and funnily enough. 

But did you know?

Over time, every current role starts to lose its lustre, followed by us losing interest in it. Or we may start to disagree with the company's strategy and direction so we become demotivated. This can start to impact our communication and our performance. 

So, ask yourself a crucial question - when is the right time to leave? And how can you prepare?

It is, imperative to “let go” and move to the next step to keep growing and keep moving north.

How to prepare to leave your role and keep growing

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Coach deserving and willing team member(s) to assume your current position

Take time to identify the team members (2 or 3) with the potential to assume your current role. Lead them into it by coaching and motivating. Start handing over responsibilities to them, while you supervise their accuracy and efficiency. Start making them the point of contact in your Out of Office Emails.

Your back-up gives your line manager and your business the confidence to support your growth!

2. Upskill yourself

While you create your replacement, keep upskilling yourself in line with the role that you aspire for. Don’t leave it too late, just as you’re about to apply for your next job. Have a timeframe in mind, 3 years or 5 years, or look back at your past roles and ask, what is the average time you spend in a role?

- Your existing skill set was good to land you the current position only.

3. Finally, to grow, it is imperative to “let go” your current position

You now have a back-up for your current position, and you have also upskilled yourself. It is time to “let go” now. Don’t second guess yourself. Reinforce your legacy by reminding yourself and sharing stories of what you’ve achieved. Leave on a high.

Remember – The only way to reach to the next step is by leaving behind the previous one.
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So, identify the right time to move on and take steps to prepare yourself. It's essential skill if you want to grow your career. And one that most people miss out.

These 3 steps build your value, help you grow professionally, which can be within or beyond the realms of any one organisation.

It’s simple. Master the art of charting your career goals, coach people, upskill yourself, “let go”, and GROW.

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