Our mission is

to deliver positive change in society and in organisations,
by developing middle managers into future leaders.

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Be the change

Managers play a huge role in creating amazing experiences for users, customers and staff. They turn engines in organisations making a profound difference.

Whether that's as a Data Manager generating insight in a hospital that saves lives, or a Retail Manager helping customers with their daily essentials.

But our research shows that middle managers feel isolated, and not supported in the "leap" to becoming a manager.
Metron researches lived experiences of managers, advocates for better onboarding and support, creates insights, has pioneering management development programmes, a ground breaking digital learning platform, a blog for practical tips.
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With Metron, Managers Can
Couple Their Raw Talent With Business Skills.
A digital learning platform
Courses to think holistically beyond a current role to the wider company
Ultimate MiniExec programme for emerging leaders
Techniques to learn new skills, “speak the language”, and drive strategies
Immersive Learning

Learn the Art of Leadership

Our evidence informed Cognitive Learning Model is pioneering.

Research shows that if you think differently, you behave and act differently. Cognitive Learning is based on this principle and we have developed our own model using this approach.

Our courses are designed to open your thinking such as using graphical metaphors. You'll unlearn things, and re-learn topics the right way. 


Our evidence informed learning model is based on cognitive learning theory.

You'll develop mental maps and techniques that you can recall rapidly and apply easily.

Recognition for quality.

We are a proud member of the The CPD Certification Service,, membership number: 17668.

Our MiniExec programme has been recognised as world-class by The Institute of Leadership.

Be in a tech story that's changing lives

Come and work for us, we are a fast moving company with big plans over the next 24 months.
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