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Passion for fashion
Proudly claiming to be sustainable, Love Clothes, how should a growing sustainable clothes charity change to a digital company?
10 mins
Banning households
Netflix are rolling out a controversial new pricing plan. It will ban households from sharing passwords. Will Jennie deal with her personal feelings?
8 mins
Heart over head
Can you help Meridian navigate new regulatory change? A big test is about to hit the housing provider
10 mins
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Game on or game over?
A game changing strategy. How should you communicate why DRIV Games is cutting 50% of its games?
8 mins
Not everything is comfy
Maryam, a Store Manager at Atomic Furniture senses something is bubbling between two of her departments. Will she uncover the truth.
7 mins
Facing the music
Jerome needs to communicate expanding his record label to Latin America. How would you do this? 
7 mins

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Our content is user friendly, to help experienced as well as those new to management. It's never too early to start. 

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